Raiders flirting with Las Vegas

November 7th, 2019 NFL Football

The Oakland Raiders are openly seeking a possible relocation to Las Vegas, making fans that bet on NFL wonder on the many possibilities. Mark Davis, owner of the Raiders Franchise, visited the city for a second time in recent months to take a tour of Sam Boyd stadium, home of the UNLV Rebels. This because the plan is to seek a provisional home for the NFL team, while a new stadium is built to serve as home for Las Vegas first NFL franchise. The new stadium would be built near to the Las Vegas Strip.

This potential move to Las Vegas by an NFL team could potentially be representing a new era in professional sports, and perhaps a more tolerant stands to online betting and so on. Fans betting on NFL football, could step out of a casino walk a few blocks and watch the game live. After decades of stern rejection from the league for expansion to Las Vegas, current more tolerant views could usher in a brand new age in professional football that fans that bet on NFL have been patiently waiting for.

The Raiders have been in talks of relocating from Oakland for a while now, and after the league rejected their bid to move back to Los Angeles and granting the Rams permission, pushed the Raiders to seek a new home. The nail in the coffin for their L.A. return was when the league also granted permission to the Chargers to leave San Diego and possibly move to Los Angeles as well.

For the moment, the possibility of moving to Las Vegas is very real. Davis has toured the city twice and has held meetings with casino moguls to discuss the possibility of moving and building a stadium in the world’s gambling capital. Currently, in Las Vegas there is still talks and discussion on the permission on building this brand new stadium. Scheduled at a meeting in front of a state panel, Mark Davis will speak to the city representatives stating his intentions on moving the NFL franchise to Las Vegas if this stadium is built.

What was once a long shot for the NFL, it is now a latent and close possibility. Sources close to the state panel have stated that this possibility is very much appealing to the city and an agreement between both parties is more than likely. If the city of Las Vegas were to bet on NFL Football as another attraction to their town, it would mean the construction of a stadium with a capacity of 65,000, possibly located at Tropicana Avenue and Koval Lane, very close to the Las Vegas Strip. The climate to make this move happen, is also benefited by the league’s recent more tolerant views towards a Las Vegas, which could be attributed to their scrambling to relocated teams in the west coast. Furthermore, The Raiders are also taking advantage that Las Vegas is known to be a Raider-town, being one of the most popular teams among local fans.

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