Questions for NFL Teams Heading to Training Camp

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Training camps are getting ready to open and many teams have questions that must be answered.

Even the Super Bowl favorites in football betting odds, the New England Patriots, have a major question entering the 2009 season.  Is Tom Brady’s knee totally healed and is he back to full strength? Last year’s two Super Bowl teams, Pittsburgh and Arizona have to find out if there is a hangover effect from last season. 

The Baltimore Ravens, who made the AFC Championship game last season, may have to find a new receiver if Derrick Mason remains retired.  Here are some questions for the other NFL teams in football odds.  Who plays in the secondary for the Atlanta Falcons this season?  Will Terrell Owens help or hurt the Buffalo Bills in football odds this season?  Can Jake Delhomme bounce back from a meltdown in last year’s playoffs?  Is Jay Cutler ready to lead the Bears to the playoffs? 

Is Carson Palmer finally healthy for the Bengals?  Who is going to play quarterback for the Browns?  Are the Cowboys better off in football odds without T.O.?  Is Kyle Orton a good enough quarterback to lead the Broncos?  Will Matthew Stafford get the starting job immediately for the Lions?  Can Dom Capers turn Green Bay’s defense around?  Does Houston have anyone that can play in the secondary?  Can the Indianapolis Colts win without Tony Dungy?

One of the biggest questions that will be answered in training camp is whether or not Brett Favre plays for the Minnesota Vikings this season.  That is perhaps the biggest football betting question at the sportsbook.  The questions continue with other teams.  Can the Jaguars get back to being a playoff team?  Are the Chiefs a much improved team with Matt Cassel?  Will the Dolphins fall in football betting at the sportsbook in 2009?  Is Sean Payton’s job on the line if the Saints don’t win this year?  Who will be the deep threat for the New York Giants? 

Is Mark Sanchez going to win the starting job for the Jets?  Is there any hope at all in football betting for the Raiders?  Is this the season Philadelphia finally makes the Super Bowl?  Will the Rams defense be better with Steve Spagnuolo?  Will LaDainian Tomlinson bounce back with a huge year for San Diego?  Who is the quarterback in San Francisco?  Is Matt Hasselbeck healthy for Seattle?  Who starts for Tampa Bay at quarterback?  Does Kerry Collins have another good year left in Tennessee?  Is this Jason Campbell’s last chance in Washington?

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