Questions Answered in NFL Preseason Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL preseason odds are on the board at the sportsbook right now.

With NFL preseason betting there are a few things to consider, one of which is the questions that each team has to answer before the regular season begins.

NFL preseason odds will not have very many big favorites since most teams are going to be playing a lot of players.  Some teams in NFL preseason betting will have more questions to answer than others.  For example, the Pittsburgh Steelers won last year’s Super Bowl and really don’t have many worries heading into NFL preseason odds.

Other teams have a lot of questions that will impact NFL preseason odds at the sportsbook. Denver, the Jets, Kansas City, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Tampa Bay, Seattle, St. Louis and Detroit have new head coaches and that is a factor to consider in NFL preseason odds.

The Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos switched starting quarterbacks.  The Bears are getting all the publicity in NFL preseason odds while the Broncos are not.  The Broncos have a new head coach that has done his best to alienate the players so NFL preseason betting at the sports book on Denver could be interesting.

Will Matthew Stafford win the starting quarterback job in Detroit?  The Lions will be a very interesting team in NFL preseason odds.  They are a lot better than they were last year when they went 0-16.  But keep in mind the Lions went 4-0 in NFL preseason betting a year ago.  The Jets will be looking at Mark Sanchez to win their starting quarterback job this season as well and New York could be a popular team at the sportsbook in the preseason.

Two more quarterbacks to watch in NFL preseason odds at the sportsbook are New England’s Tom Brady who missed almost all of last season with an injury and Kansas City’s Matt Cassel who took over for Brady last year. The Patriots will get a lot of attention in NFL preseason odds but the Chiefs might be the better bet.

Attention will also be on the Buffalo Bills as they have Terrell Owens this season.  The Bills play five preseason games since they open up NFL preseason odds in the Hall of Fame Game against the Tennessee Titans.  The Bills and Titans play four preseason games in NFL preseason odds while the other 30 NFL teams play four.

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