Quarters Superbowl Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Superbowl betting odds are available on the first, second, third and even the fourth quarter of the game.

You can bet on Super Bowl odds for each of the individual quarters before the game begins and you can also wager at the half. Let’s take a closer look at quarters Superbowl betting.

Superbowl betting on quarters is an interesting option to consider. Normally the favorite for the game in Superbowl betting is going to be favored in each quarter. If you like the favorite in the game then taking them in an individual quarter is not a bad idea as you bet on Super Bowl odds. Conversely, if you like the underdog in Superbowl  betting then betting them in each quarter can really be a good plan.

Sometimes in addition to the pointspread for each quarter you will also see a money line in Superbowl betting odds. If you like the underdog then you can get plus money in each quarter. You might even want to take the favorite on the money line in one particular quarter. Those are interesting options to consider as you bet on Super Bowl quarters.

Let’s take Superbowl betting on quarters a step further. Let’s say you want to hedge your bets a little bit. If you like the favorite in the game you might want to take the underdog in the fourth quarter just in case to hedge your Superbowl betting wager a bit. You might also get fortunate and win all four bets if the favorite rolls in the first three quarters and coasts a bit in the fourth quarter. On the other hand, you might want to take the underdog for the game in Superbowl betting and hedge a bit on the favorite in third or fourth quarter. If a favorite is going to make a run at you and threaten your Superbowl betting wager, then it is likely it will happen in the fourth quarter.

As you bet on Super Bowl odds this season don’t forget about quarters betting. The choice to bet on each individual quarter can give you a lot of options in Superbowl betting.

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