Quarterbacks are Important in NFL Preseason Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL preseason betting results will oftentimes come down to the quarterbacks for both teams.

And it is not the starter who normally determines the outcome of NFL preseason odds.  The second, third and even fourth string quarterbacks will be critical in NFL preseason betting.

NFL preseason betting will give you a lot of chances to research quarterback rotations. If you bet NFL preseason odds at the online sportsbook you have to know the quarterback rotations.  It is extremely important because some teams have much stronger rotations than other teams.  You definitely like a veteran quarterback going against a rookie and it happens a lot during NFL preseason betting. Some teams have strong quarterback rotations while others have weaker ones and you must find out the rotations for each team. 

Keep in mind with NFL preseason betting that it is all about getting the best information.  The quarterback rotations for the week’s games usually come out a couple of days beforehand.  This rotation is critical to handicapping NFL preseason odds.  And this information is not built into the NFL preseason odds.  The NFL betting oddsmaker makes the line before most of the critical information on playing time is released. You must do the research and the reading about the game to know the quarterback rotations and the playing time for the starters.  It is always good to know which quarterbacks will be playing late in the game because that is when your bet can be decided.  Some teams will have a veteran playing in the fourth quarter while other teams will have a rookie that is unlikely to make the team running the offense.  Which quarterback do you want your money on?

With regular season NFL betting games you don’t have to worry about quarterback rotations and playing time.  With NFL preseason betting, these two things are critical.  Finding out the quarterback rotations can be done by going to the team’s website or their local newspaper and reading the head coach’s quotes, etc.  It can’t be said enough how important quarterback rotations and playing time are to NFL preseason betting results.

As you look to bet NFL preseason action this year keep in mind that you need to do a little research and reading.  The time required is not that much and it can be well worth the effort as you bet NFL preseason action this year.

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