Quantity in Pro Football Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Since NFL teams have a bye week there are times during the season where you don’t have a full slate of games, but you still have a lot of NFL betting choices.

Pro football betting gives you between 13 and 16 games each week to wager on. Should you just wager on a few games in pro football betting or should you wager on a lot?

Pro football betting in quantity is the way to go, but only if you can pull it off. Let’s say you hit 55% or 60% in pro football betting. Will your percentage go down if you play more games?  The odds are yes. Let’s say you play 100 games and that your winning percentage goes down to 55%. You win 55 games and lose 45. You still win money but if that percentage drops much lower you will start to go into the red and when you play a lot of games it doesn’t take long to lose a lot of money in NFL betting.

That is an extreme example of pro football betting in quantity but it was a good example. If you can win 55% betting games in quantity then you will win more money but remember that more games also means more risk, and more risk means more money needed. If you have a bad day playing a lot of games you are going to lose more money in pro football betting. When you win more games you win more money at pro football betting. That is the biggest reason that playing more games is the way to go but it requires discipline, a bankroll and sound money management in NFL betting. None of those things are easy for the average gambler and that is why playing a large number of games is not always a good idea in pro football betting.

If you want to wager on games in pro football betting then you will eventually need to decide whether or not you want to bet a large number of games. It can be risky but it can also be profitable if you have the proper bankroll and the proper mindset in pro football betting. You need to remember though that with more games comes more risk in NFL betting.

Think about quantity this season in pro football betting but make sure you can pick winners on a regular basis before stepping out too far.

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