Props are Exciting in Superbowl Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Superbowl odds are not the only way to bet the big game.

Propositions, the Superbowl betting options that involve team or player numbers, have gotten more popular every season. Let’s look at props for Super Bowl XLIII between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals.

Superbowl odds makers use the same set of statistics and data that gamblers have to look at when they set up the proposition wagers. Some people will interpret these one way while other people will interpret them another way. That is why props are popular in Superbowl betting. One prop that you always see is whether or not one team will score three straight times without the other team scoring. The yes is always the favorite and will be in Superbowl odds as well. In last year’s Super Bowl the no actually came through in Superbowl odds when the Giants upset the Patriots as neither team scored three straight times. In a low scoring game the chances of the no being a winner in Superbowl odds is greater. With a total of 47 in this year’s Super Bowl you can count on the yes being near -200 in Superbowl odds.

Another popular prop in Superbowl odds is whether or not a team will score in the final two minutes of the first half. The yes is always popular and laying 2-1 or more in Superbowl betting. Surprisingly, the no won in last year’s Super Bowl.

Another of the popular Superbowl betting props is the shortest touchdown of the game. The yardage is set at 1.5 yards and the prop gets some good attention in Superbowl odds. Other popular Superbowl odds props are total sacks by each team, most field goals, longest field goal, passing yards by each quarterback and rushing yards by the starting running backs.

Another prop that gets a lot of attention in Superbowl odds is the player to score the first touchdown of the game. You can expect players like Pittsburgh’s Willie Parker and Santonio Holmes to get attention from gamblers who like Pittsburgh while Larry Fitzgerald and Tim Hightower should get attention from Arizona gamblers in Superbowl odds.

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