Profitable NFL Preseason Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL preseason odds can be wagered on successfully if you remember a few things.

Some online betting gamblers will not get involved in NFL preseason betting and that is too bad. The preseason is a time when you can get information before the oddsmaker does and it is a huge advantage.

NFL preseason odds usually come out just like the normal lines do every Sunday or early Monday for the upcoming week’s games.   The secret to NFL preseason betting is to find out which quarterbacks are playing and for how long, and to find out how long the starters are playing for each team.  Each hometown newspaper will have stories throughout the week previewing the upcoming game.  Usually the best days to get information for the game are the day of the game and the previous day.  Early in the week you will probably find out who is going to start at quarterback and how long they will play, but the bulk of the information is usually found the day before the game.  Coaches will usually tell us how long the starting quarterback will play and what rotation will follow.  This information is crucial and gives you a big edge in NFL preseason betting.

This may be a surprise to you but most of the time in NFL preseason odds the sportsbook does not have any idea of which quarterbacks will be playing or for how long.  The NFL preseason odds were made before any of this information is available and that is the key.  You have the edge because you know things that the sportsbook does not.  It is not very often that happens in online betting but it does happen in NFL preseason betting.

Playing time is critical to consider as you examine NFL preseason odds. Oftentimes the head coach will not only give out the quarterback rotation, but will also tell how long the starters are expected to play. You might think that the wise guys or other bettors will find out this information first and the NFL preseason odds will move.  That is not always the case.  Wise guys will find out the information, but you can read the same newspapers that they do.  And sometimes the NFL preseason odds makers simply don’t care because preseason football doesn’t get as much action as regular season action.

Keep some of these things in mind this NFL preseason and make your betting profitable.

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