Professional NFL Betting Gamblers

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting is popular among public and professional gamblers.

Just what is a pro when it comes to football betting? The NFL betting pro is just that, a professional. And to a professional, NFL betting is not fun and games or something that rivals playing cards with the boys once a week. It is a job.

NFL betting for a professional involves making money. It just means that there is a greater goal than an “Action Jones” or some type of weekend hobby. The professional NFL betting gambler is in it to make money and a career. Part of being a thorough and superb professional is to be a student of one’s trade, and that is often where the great divide is in the NFL betting community. For most gamblers, the study of their trade is focused on the wrong aspect which is pro football itself. They tend to spend all of their time focusing on trends, stats, media reports, injuries, roster moves, and everything that everyone else focuses on, which gives no football betting board value. This is the equivalent of investors studying investment brokers rather than studying investment management.

When you are aspiring to be a pro NFL betting gambler you must not study what you are betting on as much as you should study betting itself. And there is a distinct difference in football betting. To study the NFL itself is to act like a sportswriter or commentator in the media, or even a fan. And those are things that you cannot afford to be if you want to be an NFL betting pro.
An NFL betting professional gambler will study line value, public perception, and how that plays off each other. They will study gambling instead of football, as that is the activity that they are participating in. To be an NFL betting pro gambler you must be an expert on gambling rather than on the NFL.

Understanding that football betting is a long term venture and having the bankroll and the discipline necessary for it will go a long way towards making you a professional NFL betting gambler.

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