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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football wagering fans are everywhere, particularly NFL football wagering fans.

The public loves to watch and bet NFL football. Just because college and NFL football wagering is popular doesn’t always mean it is profitable. The few that actually win at football wagering are the ones that ignore the popular approach of the fans and concentrate on the odds.

Football wagering is much more successful if it is done by looking at the odds in an unbiased way. The way to develop an unbiased mentality for football wagering starts with looking at the public. For example, when a power home team like the NFL’s New England Patriots is matched up with a weakling, the masses will flock towards the Patriots. The same would hold true with recent Super Bowl champions such as the Pittsburgh Steelers or New York Giants. These teams are also highly popular in football wagering. The public thinks with a “straight up” rather than pointspread mentality so they are willing to lay points because they think a power teams will win. They forget about the football wagering pointspread that comes into play. If you want to make money you must look at the odds first, not the teams.

Another popular angle with the public in NFL football wagering is to bet the “under” in games with inclement weather. Again, the oddsmaker knows what the masses will do, far before they actually do it, and the football wagering odds will reflect this knowledge with lower numbers on the total.

Remember that NFL football wagering has a strong fan influence. Teams such as the Steelers along with others such as the Green Bay Packers, and Dallas Cowboys all garner a lot of public/mass attention and money wagered at the sportsbooks. Thus, these teams often carry less value than they actually should because the oddsmaker is marking up the price on these teams to reflect consumer demand in football wagering.

The oddsmakers are fully aware of the media spin and follow the television commentators and Internet stories because they know that is what the public is consuming for football wagering information. Once the oddsmaker gets the “spin” they make the football wagering line accordingly. If you want to win money in football wagering you must learn to understand the odds and learn to not think like a fan.

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