Pro Football Online Betting Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football online betting odds are made based more on public perception than anything else related to football betting.

Football online betting odds are not always set according to how things on the field will go. There are a lot of myths, and a lot of ignorant comments made, about the pro football betting lines. The most common refrains of this ignorance can be found from the media, who when referring to the pro football online betting line will say something like, “the experts think that Pittsburgh is four points better than Seattle in the Super Bowl.”

The truth about the pro football betting line is that it is set based on what the sportsbook football online betting oddsmakers believe will be the public perception and reaction to the matchup and football online betting lines. The fact is, if the public thought that the Houston Texans were a better team than the Pittsburgh Steelers that is how the football betting line would read. Now that is an extreme example, but it serves to illustrate how the pro football online betting odds are made.

There is a second common myth about the football online betting line which is that the oddsmakers set it in order to attract equal gambling action on both sides and totals in a game. The myth is that the football online betting oddsmakers try and even out the appeal of the two teams involved, no matter how much of a disparity there is, and the same logic applies to the over and under on the total for the game. Yet, in many cases, the sportsbooks may set the football online betting odds honestly with the equal action theory in mind. But then there is something else that the football online betting oddsmakers are masters at, and serves to increase the sportsbook profit margins, which are known as football betting “traps.”

A trap is a football online betting line that makes the masses scratch their heads and say that it makes no sense, which prompts them into thinking that they are getting a bargain that turns out to be a lemon. Sportsbooks don’t mind disproportionate amounts of action as long as that lopsided money is on the wrong side of the game in football online betting.

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