Pro Football Gambling Odds and Angles

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Pro football gambling odds are often made out to be far more complicated than they actually are.

Sometimes simple angles work very well for football betting handicappers.

Pro football gambling odds will show you many things as you look at football betting. The first thing to check out is if a team is coming off a game in which a letdown would likely follow. If a team is, for example, coming off a huge win against a division rival at home and then has to hit the road for their next game, will they be able to sustain momentum against another opponent on the road versus pro football gambling odds? Conversely, if a team picked up a big road win against a rival opponent and then is coming home for their next game, they may have a “springboard” affect and be a good wager on the pro football gambling odds board.

Another angle to consider as you look at pro football gambling odds is when a team comes out of nowhere to contend but blows their cover as a “surprise team.” At this point, when a team finally faces believers both on the field and amongst those in sports gambling, their value on the pro football gambling odds board will plummet. The key is to know when a surprise team is no longer a surprise and the best clue is when the masses all jump on board thinking that the ride has just begun, when in actuality, it has just ended. Conversely, it is good to take a look at a team that seems to have hit rock bottom and is undesired by the football betting masses.

The team that is least valued by the sports gambling masses has, more often than not, the best value on the pro football gambling odds board. It is also important as you look at pro football gambling odds to not “bet the come” on unproven teams that get a lot of media hype. There is a fine line as you look at pro football gambling odds between finding surprises, (with supporting evidence), and empty promise teams.

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