Predict Game’s Score in Online NFL Betting Strategies

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Online NFL betting on sides and totals involves making predictions about the outcome of a pro football betting match up.

Most online NFL betting fans simply handicap pro football betting contests by evaluating a variety of different online NFL betting factors and then determining if any value can be found in the pro football betting lines. However, one very useful online NFL betting strategy is to actually predict what the final score of the pro football betting match up will be.

Online NFL betting enthusiasts typically neglect to think about a probable final score to a match up. These pro football betting fans utilize a range of online NFL betting strategies, ranging from simply following one’s gut feeling to carefully analyzing the statistics that define different match ups. For example, some online NFL betting fans simply scan the pro football betting board and choose a handful of sides and totals that jump out as having the most value. On the other hand, some online NFL betting fans devote significant time to handicapping each game and deciding which betting odds provide the most value.

However, only a small percentage of online NFL betting enthusiasts actually guess the scores of match ups as part of the bettors’ handicapping routines. This exercise can be extremely useful to bettors because it requires them to genuinely predict how a game will be played out. By predicting the final score of an online NFL betting match up one inevitably must consider all of the different important handicapping factors in great detail. Oftentimes, when handicappers are forced to guess the final score of an online NFL betting match up they realize that their initial feelings about the online NFL betting lines were illogical. For example, one may feel as though a certain game, with a total line set at 49½, will go over. However, when forced to actually consider how the game will go over such a relatively high online NFL betting total, one may realize that it is improbable that both teams will average over 25 points. In fact, one may find that a more likely score for the online NFL betting match up is 24-17, meaning the game would end up well under the total. Similar online NFL betting realizations can be made when considering sides. For instance, one may feel as though a certain team favored by 9 points will be able to cover the online NFL betting line, but when forced to consider potential final scores to the game it becomes obvious the game will likely end up with a much smaller margin of victory. Consequently, bettors should frequently use a strategy of predicting final scores to help them find the greatest value in the online NFL betting lines.

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