Pro Football Betting on Jeremy Shockey and the Saints

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Pro football betting on the New Orleans Saints has become even more exciting with the acquisition of tight end Jeremy Shockey from the Giants.

Shockey is a talented offensive threat who will make the New Orleans offense even more capable of scoring big points and covering the pro football betting odds. Nevertheless, gamblers betting football on the Saints must also acknowledge the distractions that Shockey is likely to bring into the New Orleans locker room.

Pro football betting on the Saints has been fuelled by the team’s offense in recent years. Coach Sean Payton is an offensive specialist and quarterback Drew Brees is known to those betting football as one of the most talented passers in the league. Even though the New Orleans defense has been suspect at times, betting football on the Saints has become quite popular after many years of dismal records. Pro football betting veterans know that the NFC South is up for grabs every year so this trade may make the Saints a favorite to take the division. Those pro football betting enthusiasts who have been betting football for many years know that Shockey is one of the most skilled tight ends in the NFL and he is an offensive threat that defenses will struggle to contain. Shockey was widely regarded as one of the top offensive players on the Giants, and now he will be working with an offense that many pro football betting fans would argue is even more talented than the Giants’ unit. Brees will likely welcome the addition of such a talented tight end and Payton already worked with Shockey previously when Payton was an offensive coordinator with the Giants. Some pro football betting analysts believe the Saints offense will be nearly unstoppable with the arrival of Shockey, and the pro football betting totals will certainly be placed even higher now that he is on the team.

Nevertheless, pro football betting analysts must also remember the problems Shockey frequently caused for the Giants. He continually complained about having to block too much and often clashed with the coaching staff. One of the reasons the Saints have become such a pro football betting favorite in recent years is that they have instilled a team mentality in which even players like Reggie Bush have had to put their egos in check. If Shockey pulls some of the same antics in New Orleans that he pulled in New York then it may damage the locker room unity that has propelled the Saints thus far. Consequently, Shockey’s impact on the pro football betting potential of the Saints may be very positive at the beginning of the season, yet he may end up having a negative impact on the team’s pro football betting potential in the long run.

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