Pro Football Betting and Assessing Each Division

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Pro football betting is highly dependent on a team’s schedule, as teams with easy schedules have a much easier road to the playoffs than teams with hard schedules.

Therefore, before placing NFL bets on the regular season, pro football betting analysts should always assess the strength of each one of the NFL’s eight divisions. By determining the overall strength of each division, pro football betting fans will be better prepared to place NFL bets throughout the season and on futures lines.

Pro football betting on some divisions each year simply involves determining how well the best team can dominate the other weak teams. On the other hand, each year there are several very competitive divisions in which nearly every team could reach the playoffs. For example, in the 2007-08 season the AFC South and the NFC East were particularly strong and all four of the Wild Card teams in the playoffs came from these two divisions. In other words, the third best team in each of these divisions was better than the second best team in any other. The particular divisions which are the strongest tend to change frequently, but pro football betting veterans know that each year one or two divisions stand out for the quality of their teams. Also, pro football betting analysts are often better able to make accurate predictions about entire divisions’ projected strength than the projected strength of individual teams.

Making NFL bets on teams from the strongest divisions must be done carefully because these teams can often provide deceptively good pro football betting value. Because the teams are involved in so many pro football betting match ups against strong divisional rivals they often end up with pro football betting records that do not accurately illustrate the teams’ abilities. For example, in 2007-08 the Texans finished at the bottom of the AFC South, partly due to the team’s 1-5 divisional record. However, the team’s overall record was 8-8, signifying the Texans went 7-3 in games against teams not in the AFC South. Consequently, when you are looking for pro football betting value and considering each team’s overall record or record against the pro football betting odds, you must consider the strength of its divisional rivals. Being in a difficult division can also cause problems such as injuries, because so many hard fought games can lead to more injuries. Nevertheless, these teams are highly prepared for pro football betting match ups against top opponents that may not be as accustomed to so much competition. In fact, the Giants’ improbable Super Bowl run in 2008 was surely aided by the opportunity to improve while playing competitive NFC East teams throughout the regular season. Also, placing NFL bets on futures lines must always consider the strength of a team’s division. Naturally, teams in harder divisions can be very talented and still struggle to post very good overall records.

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