Pro Football Betting: A Veteran’s Pros and Cons

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Pro football betting fans should also understand that the long football betting online season can be very exhausting for the older veterans.

Pro football betting lines must be handicapped with knowledge of a broad range of factors, including both simple statistical data and abstract variables. When your football betting online involves a team with a few veteran starters on the roster you must consider both the pros and cons of having such players in a pro football betting match up.

Pro football betting analysts often enjoy wagering on the veterans who have played effectively in the NFL for many years. Such players have legacies that pro football betting enthusiasts remember when football betting online. Teams often prefer having a few key veterans in the locker room because experience is important in the NFL. Especially in big games, pro football betting analysts know that having a team with lots of experienced leaders can be an advantage.

Football teams no doubt endure internal problems every season, and it is the veterans who are typically called upon to squash such issues. Still, football is a game of brains, and players’ football IQ definitely increases as they spend more time in the league. So, as you handicap the pro football betting odds you should recognize that veterans can offer important intangibles that benefit their teams.

Nevertheless, many pro football betting enthusiasts see the vets as liabilities because their physical abilities diminish as they get older. Football is a very tough sport and it is difficult for players to continue performing at an elite level as they get older and their bodies begin to break down. This phenomenon is especially important for players at certain positions, like running back, that are extremely physical. Some pro football betting analysts recognize the strengths of veterans when football betting online early in the season, but then avoid football betting online on teams with too many veterans later on.

This is what happens when you see older veterans start to struggle at the end of the year. When you are pro football betting on the playoffs you should recognize the decrease in physical abilities veterans sometimes face during the postseason. Veterans are more susceptible to serious injuries that may be season-ending. As a result, some pro football betting fans can get a bit uneasy about making wagers involving teams with lots of aging veterans.

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