Pro Bowl Odds: Why the AFC

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Pro Bowl odds makers have been hard at work ever since the starting line ups for the Pro Bowl betting were announced.

Creating Pro Bowl odds is never an easy task and this year is perhaps one of the toughest Pro Bowl betting equations to figure out in years. Parity has been rampant between the AFC and NFC this season but there are several factors that will be the key to an AFC victory in this year’s Pro Bowl odds competition.

Pro Bowl odds are often an even wash heading into the Pro Bowl betting competition and so even the slightest advantage one way or another can give one side the edge over the other. And since neither team has home field advantage in the Pro Bowl the competition becomes even more heated. But the biggest advantage that any team can have in pro football, whether it’s the Pro Bowl odds game or a playoff game, is at QB. And if Pro Bowl odds fans examine the battle of the QBs the AFC has the edge. Not that Kurt Warner isn’t a good QB, it’s just that his counterpart Peyton Manning is one of the greatest ever and he’s played in more Pro Bowl odds match ups than most of his teammates combined. His experience in working with strange teammates in a Pro Bowl odds setting will definitely give the AFC a big advantage.

On the other side of the ball, the AFC would seem to have the Pro Bowl odds advantage as well. Again, the NFC has excellent players in its own right, but this year the defensive talk of the league heading into the Pro Bowl betting has been play of the Steelers, Ravens and Titans’ defense –all of which are AFC teams and sending large contingents to the Pro Bowl odds game. Add to this the fact that they’ll be coached by the defensive obsessed Ravens staff and it’s not a pretty picture for the NFC Pro Bowl odds team. Even with the rule changes in the Pro Bowl meant to protect the offensive players the AFC still looks to have the advantage in this game.

Finally, over the past five Pro Bowl odds match ups the NFC and AFC have alternated wins every year. And since the NFC took home the Pro Bowl odds victory last year, if history is any guide at all, it would seem that the AFC is destined to come out victorious in the Pro Bowl odds this year.

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