Pro Bowl Betting history

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Pro Bowl betting shows that the AFC holds a slight edge over the NFC with most of the games have gone over the total.

Pro Bowl betting shows that the Pro Bowl odds have risen on the total in recent years with the 2007 game having a total of 65.

Pro Bowl betting is the final chance of the season for gamblers that love to bet NFL action.  The game is held in Honolulu, Hawaii and televised on one of the major networks.  Pro Bowl betting shows that since the NFL-AFL merger in 1970, both conferences have won the Super Bowl and the Pro Bowl in the same year, nine times.  Pro Bowl betting shows that only two Pro Bowls have gone to overtime. Both were won by the AFC.  Pro Bowl betting in 2008 will show that the NFC roster will have Sean Taylor as a starter. He was killed in 2007 but was elected posthumously. Pro Bowl betting shows that John Madden and Tom Landry have coached in the most Pro Bowls (5).  Former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Bill Cowher is the coach with the most wins (4).  The two teams with the most players in a Pro Bowl are the 1966 Kansas City Chiefs and this year’s Dallas Cowboys who had Roy Williams added to the squad to replace Taylor.  Pro Bowl betting stats show both of those teams had 12 players in the Pro Bowl.

Pro Bowl odds in recent years have gone the way of the AFC since the conference is now thought of as the better of the two.  That doesn’t necessarily mean anything in Pro Bowl betting though since the Pro Bowl is just an all-star game that means nothing.  The players do not put in much playing time and don’t give a full effort.  That is why Pro Bowl odds on the totals have risen in recent season with teams playing little defense.

As you consider Pro Bowl odds this year you will want to do more than just look at the starting roster.  Players usually only go for a quarter or so and it will be the backup players that decide your bet in Pro Bowl betting.  Keep that in mind as you make your Pro Bowl betting wagers this season.

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