Pro Bowl Betting Attitude is Different

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Pro Bowl betting games are not life or death competitions for players, or coaches, that should be made clear from the get-go.

However, that doesn’t mean that teams don’t want to win the Pro Bowl odds match ups, it’s just that a loss in the Pro Bowl betting game doesn’t quite have the same sting to it as a loss in a conference title game.

After all, the Pro Bowl betting game is actually more of a vacation for most players than a football game and this laid back attitude permeates every level of the Pro Bowl odds.

Pro Bowl betting is easily one of the most entertaining football events of the year, although no one will mistake this exhibition for high quality football despite the Pro Bowl odds rosters being loaded with the finest talent that can be found in the NFL. But for those Pro Bowl betting fans who see the entire experience as a waste of time or a let down, should consider a few things before rushing to condemn the Pro Bowl odds battle.

The quality of competition of the Pro Bowl betting game, while not nearly as intense, is still awfully good. Every player on the field wants to win, of that there is no doubt, but the consequences of coming up short in the Pro Bowl are nowhere near as dire as the regular season or playoffs and that has a major effect on the way the Pro Bowl betting game is played. Players seem to enjoy the Pro Bowl betting competition much more and it shows in the levity with which the game is often played.

And what’s not to like about the Pro Bowl betting competition from a players perspective? For the past 28 years the game has been played in beautiful Hawaii and the players and their families have their own private resort where they can finally cut loose and relax after the rigors of a grueling NFL season. It’s easy to see how many of the players chosen for the Pro Bowl betting competition view the experience as more a leisurely get away than work. But more than simply enjoying time with their families, the Pro Bowl betting experience is also a great chance for players to get to talk football with their colleagues and coaches.

There is no doubt that the attitude of the players in the Pro Bowl betting is different than you would see in a playoff game. But when you think about, with the pressure off, the players in the Pro Bowl can truly enjoy themselves without being consumed by the outcome. And that could be a good thing for Pro Bowl betting fans.
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