Pro Bowl Betting and the 2009 Pro Bowl

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Pro Bowl betting is one of the more divisive issues in the NFL, at least from a fan’s perspective, and most likely from the viewpoint of Pro Bowl odds makers, as well.

While the idea of the game and Pro Bowl betting itself is genius, the execution of this idea has often led to less than stellar results not only in the game, but in the Pro Bowl betting as well. But if you love football, it’s all but impossible to resist this combination of the best players in the Pro Bowl betting game and the alluring call of the Pro Bowl odds sirens.

Pro Bowl betting has taken on many forms over the years, and in recent years some critics might even go so far as to say that the entire Pro Bowl odds experience has regressed somehow. And while the Pro Bowl is always highly entertaining they could have a valid point. One of main reasons why people have come to view the Pro Bowl in a negative light is the fact that it sometimes seems that the level of play in the game is less than 100% effort –much less. While it’s impossible to prove this Pro Bowl betting conspiracy theory, the simple fact that such a theory exists is troubling, and if it is true, it’s terrible for players and fans of Pro Bowl odds alike.

First, if the players aren’t giving 100% in the Pro Bowl betting action, it can be awfully dangerous for their health. Unless every player is going full-tilt someone is going to get hurt. The minute a player takes a play off the opposition will take advantage and in recent years this trend has been on an upswing in the Pro Bowl betting action. It only demonstrates how important it is that players don’t take plays off, no matter if it’s just the Pro Bowl betting competition.

Second, if players aren’t going hard the whole game it becomes very difficult for the experts and the fans to try and handicap the Pro Bowl betting action. This isn’t always a bad thing, but if can become very frustrating for Pro Bowl betting fans and at times it can seem as if success in Pro Bowl betting is more predicated on luck rather than a deep understanding of the game of football.

But be that as it may, the number one goal of any Pro Bowl betting fan should be to enjoy the game as it’s really more of a celebration of football than a betting opportunity, although the two often go hand in hand.

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