Preseason Over/ Unders in Pro-Football Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Pro football betting during the preseason often focuses on online NFL betting on sides, but pro football betting enthusiasts should not overlook opportunities to wager on over/unders.

Oftentimes the preseason pro football betting totals are lower than regular season online NFL betting totals, simply because offensive stars play so little during the preseason. Nevertheless, by taking this and other factors into account one can effectively handicap preseason pro football betting totals.

Pro football betting totals in the preseason must be handicapped differently than pro football betting totals during the regular season. In general, preseason pro football betting totals are lower. This pro football betting trend should not be much of a surprise, given the quantity of quarterbacks, receivers, and running backs who skip most of the preseason. Some players skip the entire preseason, while others just play a small portion of some games. But being aware of this pro football betting phenomenon is absolutely necessary, because if you are not cognizant about this fact then you may end up erroneously wagering on the over for nearly every single preseason pro football betting match up.

The key to gambling on preseason pro football betting totals is to determine which offensive and defensive players will be participating. For example, if neither team’s starting quarterback is going to even play in the pro football betting match up then you can assume the total will end up quite low. On the other hand, if both teams’ offensive starters are going to be on the field for much of the game then you should assume that many more points will be scored. This information, which is important for all types of preseason pro football betting, can often be obtained by simply following the team news prior to each online NFL betting match up. Additionally, by knowing injury reports and knowing which position battles coaches are focused on you can frequently predict many days before kick off which players will be participating in a pro football betting match up. By making such predictions early you can sometimes take advantage of pro football betting totals that offer excellent value. Once official news has been released regarding which players will be participating then the over/under line will frequently be shifted accordingly. Therefore, by doing your pro football betting early you can sometimes find tremendous online NFL betting odds that will no longer be available come game time.

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