Preseason NFL Football Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

As the regular season approaches don’t just forget about the preseason results in odds NFL action.

Football odds on NFL preseason action are not bet heavily by most people and that is really too bad. The preseason is a great time to make money as you wager on odds NFL action. As you consider football odds in the preseason what do you need to look at and how important are the results to regular season odds NFL action?

Football odds in the preseason look like a crapshoot but oftentimes they are not. Sometimes you can get great information when you are betting football odds. And surprisingly enough, NFL preseason results do matter in the regular season. Did you know that almost 80% of Super Bowl winners have at least a .500 record in the preseason? Did you know that some coaches do well in the preseason versus football odds? Bill Belichick has been great in the preseason throughout his career and his team’s record reflects that fact.Coaches can get their teams into a winning frame of mind and it very often carries over into the regular season.On the other hand, a team that continually makes mistakes and struggles in the preseason can find it very difficult to break the bad habits.Remember that the preseason really does matter and good teams don’t want to struggle. You really need to be aware of the preseason and how the results will impact football odds.

Give strong consideration to following the teams with the best records in the preseason all year long in football odds.It has proven to be very successful throughout the years versus the football odds.

Betting football odds is not always easy and we want every advantage we can get.The more we learn about what happens in the preseason the better prepared we will be to bet regular season football odds. Don’t just blindly ignore the preseason standings as many people do when they examine football odds.The battle against the sportsbooks is never ending and those people that ignore preseason results are definitely putting themselves at a disadvantage and that is not a good way to start betting odds NFL action.

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