Preseason NFL Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting during the preseason for many gamblers is just a passing thought. The sad part of that statement is that these bettors are missing out on one of the better wagering times of the year.

There are strategies that you can use in Pro football betting during the preseason to make money. NFL betting during the preseason is all about information. You can look at trends and matchups and all of those factors but the biggest key to winning in preseason NFL betting is finding out the starting quarterback rotation, the playing time for starters and the motivation of each team. And the good news for you is that you can find this information out before the sportsbook does.

NFL betting during the preseason is one of the only times during the year where you can have an edge over the sportsbook. The information regarding starting quarterbacks, playing rotations, etc, is in the newspapers of the teams and so important in NFL betting. You just have to research and read the papers to gain an edge on the books in preseason Pro football betting because they don’t do it. They base their NFL betting lines on simple factors and don’t look at rotations at all. You will see the NFL betting line move once the professionals get wind of the information that can be found in the newspapers.

The information that is oftentimes strongest in NFL betting preseason action is when you find a team that is treating the game as a dress rehearsal against a team still looking at players. You can really gain an advantage in NFL betting when you have a team playing starters three quarters or more versus a team playing theirs for less than a half in Pro football betting. Another advantage to reading the newspapers for preseason NFL betting is that you will oftentimes pick up motivation edges that one team will have. New head coaches often want to set a good tone in the preseason and will try harder to win games. Other coaches will not worry about the preseason and not play to win, but to just see players. In preseason Pro football betting you can find out which coaches will do which by reading about the game.

NFL betting in the preseason can often be profitable if you are willing to put in the time necessary to read and get information.

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