Preparing for Super Bowl Betting Props

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl betting propositions (props) are very popular for gamblers and there are actually some tips to betting these exciting wagers.

Here is a look at some of the Super Bowl odds and the tips for betting those props. Super Bowl betting props start right from the opening coin toss and yes, you can actually find a trend for betting the coin toss. In fact, the best Super Bowl betting trend for any of the props is on the coin toss. Tails has been coming up almost every time recently in this Super Bowl betting prop. 

Right along with tails is the NFC winning the coin toss.  Both tails and the NFC have been great Super Bowl betting props when it comes to the coin toss.  You can also look at the coin toss and see if that team wins the game vs. the Super Bowl odds.  That trend goes against the coin toss winner.  In recent Super Bowl betting, the loser of the coin toss has won the game more often than not.

One of the early game props that are always popular in Super Bowl betting is the first score of the game.  The touchdown is usually about -180 favorite over a field goal or safety as the first score of the game.  The field goal is not a bad wager in Super Bowl odds. It gets plus money and it is about a 50-50 proposition in recent Super Bowl betting history.  Most people want to cheer for a TD to be scored first but that doesn’t always happen.  You can also pick the first player to score the touchdown. That is a very popular prop and you can look at team stats to get ready for this Super Bowl prop.  The star running backs and wide receivers will have the lowest Super Bowl odds on this prop bet.

You can also look at props in Super Bowl betting and consider the amount of points scored by both teams; each team, individual quarters, etc.  Some people like to look at props and do a little hedging at the half depending upon what the score is.  The team leading at the half normally wins in Super Bowl betting.  In fact, the team that scores first wins more often than not wins the game.

The favored team in Super Bowl betting is usually favored in Super Bowl player props as well so that is also something to remember.

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