Preparing for NFL Odds Parlays

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL odds on parlays can get very exciting. The opportunity to win money versus the football odds does exist and one of the ways is betting parlays.

It is important as you bet parlays in NFL odds to be prepared. Let’s look at preparation for betting NFL odds parlays. NFL odds on parlays make it enticing to make a wager.

Winning versus the NFL odds when betting parlays comes down to preparation. Your parlays should start to formulate and come together early in the week before any games are played. You should look at every game on the football odds board both college and pro and narrow down your list of potential best plays, which will be the foundation of which you will build your parlays. Even if you are a gambler that limits yourself to just pro or college football odds exclusively, you can still build strong parlays by preparing well. Remember, in football betting, just as in poker, less is more, and you only want to play the premium teams and totals in NFL odds.

One of the best ways to play parlays versus NFL odds is with what is known as a “round robin parlay” in which you take your top selections and make them into several two-team parlays. For example, if your top three picks for the football weekend were Missouri and Air Force in college football odds, and the Miami Dolphins in NFL odds, you would put those three teams together into three separate two-team parlays of Missouri/Air Force, Missouri/Miami, and Air Force/Miami. Let’s say that Missouri lost but Air Force and Miami won. For this example we will say that $100 was bet on the round robin parlay for a total of $300 versus college and NFL odds. You would lose a total of $200 on the two parlays Missouri was on but win $260 on the Air Force/Miami parlay, giving you a profit of $60 versus college and NFL odds. A round robin parlay is a good way to “hedge” and yet also still have a shot at big money versus NFL odds.

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