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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting odds, also referred to as the “line,” and the “number.”

Amongst other jargon, is the number posted on the NFL odds board rotation that evens the difference of mass appeal between the teams, making them roughly equal in the eyes of the gambling masses. The favorite will have a minus sign and number next to them while the underdog will have a plus sign and that same number next to them. The number is the NFL betting odds assigned by the NFL betting odds makers. For example, if the Dallas Cowboys are hosting the New York Giants and are favored by six-points the NFL betting odds board would read Dallas-6 and New York+6.

Trying to handicap and wager against the NFL betting odds is one of the greatest and most difficult challenges in all of gambling. Pro football has succeeded where other sports such as baseball have not in having true parity and competitive balance. When you add that to the fact that the NFL betting odds makers are meticulous in their craft, you have quite a challenge. Due to the parity of pro football, you will rarely see big NFL betting odds such as favorites of more than ten points. Most game, in fact, feature NFL odds that are seven points or under.

Home field advantage, long touted and believed to be of significant importance, is generally worth three points according to the NFL odds makers, who will even adjust that up or down based on the team, the venue, and most importantly of all, the football betting public’s perception of all of that. The ultimate idea of the NFL betting odds is to either (a) attract roughly the same amount of action to both sides of the game or (b) trap the public into taking one side with NFL betting odds that seems too good to be true.

If you want to win money this season against the NFL betting odds you need to be aware of how the line is made and which side the public is likely to be on.

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