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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Even if the football lines haven’t been profitable for many years. The odds maker eventually catches up to trends and adjusts the NFL football lines.

Football lines are never more popular than when they are on television. Televised football and football lines is a match made in heaven as you combine America’s most watched television sport with the nation’s favorite game to wager on. How do you bet college and NFL football lines that are televised?

Football lines are bet by the public almost always more towards the favorite. This applies especially to NFL football lines. The public tends to flock towards the home team in football lines, especially when the games are on TV. Many college games and all pro games are on some form of television whether it is over-the-air, cable, or pay-per-view. Beyond that, unlike a generation ago when a Monday Night or Saturday Night college game was a major feature, nowadays all of the cable and over-the-air networks have a big game on the football lines board. It is getting to the point that you can watch several “feature” games on both College Football Saturday and NFL Sunday.

Even with all of the televised games on the football lines board, not much has changed with the public’s preference. They still bet almost all home favorites in football lines. The problem with continually betting home favorites in football lines is that you can’t make any money doing so. With home teams he almost always adds a point or more to the odds when the games are on television. There are exceptions to this rule as when marquee teams are on the road in these televised games you may not see any shading with the football lines on TV games.

If you want to wager on football lines this season you will definitely be attracted by the TV games. That is not a bad thing, it is just a fact. How you wager on these televised college and NFL football lines will go a long way towards determining how successful you are this season.

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