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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football wagering on the colleges is a lot more popular than you might think.

There is a hard core dedicated group of handicappers that know the game and the angles inside out and who make a good living at college football wagering. Then there are the masses that bet on college football knowing only a few things. To win at college or NFL wagering you have to know how to think about the games.

Football wagering on a college football Saturday for most gamblers involves taking teams like Michigan, Miami, USC, Florida, Georgia and other powerhouse teams, especially at home. To the masses, when they see such powerhouse programs playing at home, they think correctly that these teams are unlikely to lose. What they do not fully take into account, however, is that these teams are overpriced on the football wagering pointspread. The college and NFL wagering odds are set based upon public opinion and popular teams draw a lot of interest. The smart gamblers, however, will not lay the extra points when the value is not there in football wagering. Sure, these teams will probably win straight up at home but covering the football wagering pointspread is another matter.

One thing that gamblers who get involved in college or NFL wagering hate to do is take a road dog, regardless of ability or merit. And that is where the smart football wagering gamblers come in, staying on the same side as the sportsbooks who, more often than not, make the road dog the team with superior value, with more points than they actually should be getting.

In football wagering you are looking for value. In fact, you are looking for more value than you should be getting. You won’t find value where everyone else is looking, however, but you will find it where few of the masses are willing to go in college and NFL wagering. In this way, football wagering is different from the regular economic laws. The more the masses want something, the less valuable it is and the less that the masses want something, the more value it has. It is kind of like a contrarian law where the more popular something is in football wagering, the worse it does. You can benefit from this knowledge and take the other side with your football wagering.

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