Plenty of NFL Gamblers Still See Dallas Cowboys as All Future

Plenty of NFL Gamblers Still See Dallas Cowboys as All Future

In 1978 the Dallas Cowboys were proclaimed as “America’s Team” in an NFL Films production. Since then, nothing has changed. Regardless of what other teams are beating the NFL odds, the Cowboys remain the franchise that is most followed and highly hyped. Of course, owner Jerry Jones deserves much of the credit for the Cowboys’ branding. Jones is a Hall of Fame owner based on business skills. But he is not rocking a gold jacket because of his football acumen, much to his chagrin. At the onset of future market betting, Dallas has plenty of support and detractors.

2024-25 Super Bowl Championship SBG Odds:

Dallas CowboysOdds
To win Super Bowl+1800
To Wwin NFC+800
To Win NFC East+130
OU Win Total10.5

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Dallas Cowboys SBG NFL Future Market Overview

As mentioned earlier, no team on the sports betting board draws more attention than the Dallas Cowboys. Thus, Dallas is often overpriced on the future market board. Yet that does not stop gamblers from loading up on America’s team. Dallas is a tricky team for all gamblers to evaluate. To illuminate, the Cowboys are just good enough to entice belief and betting action for their championship prospects. However, Dallas has never been a complete team capable of closing since their last title in 1995.

Cowboys Have Plenty of Offseason Work Remaining

At the beginning of unfinished business for Dallas was a one-year deal for running back Ezekiel Elliott. But it’s a blip on the priority scale. Dallas adds a modestly reliable deck chair to a ship that has spent the majority of the offseason sinking. Despite the backdrop of team owner Jerry Jones’ now infamous “all in” proclamation. Gamblers must examine precisely how “all in” the Cowboys have been.

First, head coach Mike McCarthy is entering the final year of his contract. It’s a season that will feature Jerry’s buddy, Bill Belichick, lurking from the sideline. Of course, The Hoodie is looking for a “win now” opportunity in 2025.
Meanwhile, the franchise quarterback, Dak Prescott, has no contract extension in sight. Now, he is the subject of endless offseason debates about his level of importance to the team.

And then top-five wideout CeeDee Lamb is seeing a steep NFL betting odds price tag become more justifiable by the month. That status leads to a legitimate question about why the Cowboys didn’t push harder to extend his deal one year ago.
Finally, there is the best defensive player on the team, Micah Parsons, and his similar spot to Lamb for the next offseason. At that time, gamblers will likely be asking why Dallas didn’t get Parsons’ deal done one year earlier rather than one year later.

To summarize, there is a lot of unfinished business for Dallas. Jerry Jones has numerous loose ends that easily dwarf the problems of every other team in the NFL. And it’s coming in an offseason when the franchise’s talent has gotten worse.
Consider that the offensive line is younger but not necessarily better. The running backs are a rotation without a dynamic player. At the same time, the wideouts have less depth. By contrast, the defense lost the best assistant coach on the staff coordinator, Dan Quinn. And it watched DeMarcus Lawrence get another year older.

In sum, the Cowboys are at a critical juncture in almost every imaginable way. The franchise could conceivably have a new head coach and new starting quarterback one year from now. In comparison, few NFL franchises find themselves in that kind of position.

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