Playing the Percentages in Football Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

In football odds try keeping your percentage small, a losing streak can wipe out a bankroll if you are betting odds NFL with 10% of your bankroll.

Football odds can definitely be wagered on more successfully if you are willing to play the percentages. What exactly does playing the percentages mean in terms of odds NFL? Let’s see. Football odds are just like other sports betting odds. If you want to make a profit and stay in the game you really must control your bankroll. That means playing only a certain percentage of it on your plays. A gambler that is wagering against the football odds should only wager two percent of his total gambling bankroll on each one of his individual football picks.

Let’s look at an example of a typical gambler that wagers on football odds with a $1000 bankroll. He is betting odds NFL action at $100 per game. Yes, this is 10% and it is not uncommon among gamblers who bet football odds. We already know that he has no margin for error and that a bad week against the football odds will knock him out of the game for good.  The ultimate problem for this gambler is the law of averages.  There is no way that he can sustain this money management style because there is no way for a gambler to avoid slumps, no matter how good he is at betting football odds.

A gambler wagering just two percent of his bankroll on each of the games that he bets versus the football odds on can withstand the assault of a slump or series of bad beats that the player wagering ten percent of his bankroll cannot.   This leads to the real question that a gambler should be asking which is how can anyone make money versus football odds without the proper bankroll?

It is all about playing the percentages as you bet college and odds NFL action. The more in control you are with your bankroll versus the football odds, the better your chances of success will be.

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