Placing Powerful Football Bets

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football bets are the most popular on NFL and college football action.

If you are looking at football betting on college teams you will notice that certain teams draw a lot of attention. These are the power teams that attract a lot of football bets.

Football bets on power teams are not always successful. The one place where far too many gamblers go when looking over the college football betting lines is with the traditional powers of the sport. These are the teams that everyone, even the most casual observer, has heard of such as Notre Dame, USC, Miami-FL, Florida, Auburn, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Michigan, and Ohio State. Traditional powers can be considered like a “name brand” product in that gamblers will pay more to take these teams, particularly as home favorites, because that is where their “comfort zone” is when making football bets. To understand how this works, you must understand the college football betting public. This is not the niche group of hard core experts but the gamblers who just play around and make football bets for fun. To the masses, the traditional powers at home are simply something to fear and be an utter awe of. Keep in mind that not only are the traditional powers of college football respected for their abilities and their stellar histories by gamblers that make football bets, but they are also feared and respected for their famous home venues, all of which are some of the most intimidating in all of sports. When the masses that make football bets think of Notre Dame and “Touchdown Jesus,” Ohio State’s famed “Horseshoe,” Michigan’s “Big House,” Georgia hosting their opponents “between the hedges,” or Tennessee playing in front of 110,000 orange clad fans chanting “Rocky Top” all game, you get an overpowering image that is reflected in their football bets.

What happens with these football bets is that they are overvalued. The reason that the oddsmakers get away with making these teams into “overlays,” (laying more points as favorites than what is actually merited), is because the college football betting public willingly allows it to happen by paying those overlay prices when making football bets. Taking the power in football bets is not always profitable.

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