Picking Underdogs in Football Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting underdogs are the teams that oftentimes will make you money.

The trick when you make football bets is identifying the right underdogs to take. Let’s look at some tips to picking football betting underdogs.

Football betting underdogs that make you money are ones that oftentimes are not easy to spot. Always remember when you are involved in football betting that most people don’t like to bet underdogs. That is good news for you if you are taking them because you get more value. One of the first spots to look at with underdogs in football bets is to defense. It is difficult for a chalk to cover the spread if they are struggling to score against a good defensive team. A team with a good defense is never out of the game, which means that if they are getting plus points, they are a potentially strong board value in football betting. Defense wins you money in football betting.

Another option to consider when taking underdogs with football bets is good rushing teams. There are few things more frustrating than having money on a favorite whose offense is on the bench because the underdog is grinding up yardage and clock time with the ball. Teams that can run the ball are teams that are dangerous dogs in football betting. By that same token, teams that can stop the run will often get back the ball quickly, and wear down the favored team that is unable to establish a ground attack. This makes for a lethal combination and a value-added play with your football bets for dogs with good rush defenses.

Another place to look for football betting dogs is teams that have a kicking edge. A dog that can block, return, and make kicks is a dog that will steal games and value in football betting. Another option to consider when looking at underdogs in football betting is teams with good turnover ratios.

Teams that are tops in turnover ratios are ones that are good at winning for you in football betting. It is even better when these teams are getting points for your football bets.

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