Parlays in Pro Football Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Pro football betting is very popular among gamblers and parlays are one of the most popular choices. Are parlays a good bet in NFL betting?

Can you do anything to increase your chances of winning parlays in pro football betting?  Let’s take a look. Pro football betting parlays are very exciting. They give you the chance to wager a little and win a lot. Here is an example of an NFL four team parlay. You have Dallas -7, Pittsburgh -4, Philadelphia -7, and New England -10. You bet the parlay for $100. If all four of your teams win in NFL betting and cover the spread you payout will be approximately 10-1. That means you get your $100 back and win $1000. If just one of your four selections is a loser the parlay is a loss in pro football betting.

Parlays are not easy to win in pro football betting, although they are exciting. Parlays are winners for the sportsbooks, not the bettors. Sportsbooks love parlays because their hold percentage is higher than on straight bets in pro football betting. Sometimes you can win on parlays but they are not for the serious pro football betting gambler. There are however, some things you can do to increase your chances of success when betting parlays.

The first thing you can do with NFL betting parlays is to keep them to either 2 or 3 teamers. This sounds boring but if you want to win a parlay you need to keep it small in pro football betting. The four teamers and anything above are very difficult to hit in pro football betting and are usually just a waste of money. The next thing you can do is to try and pick one big play and key your parlay with that game in pro football betting. If that game loses the parlays loses, but if it wins your parlays have a good chance of winning.

Always keep in mind that pro football betting parlays are for the sportsbooks to make money, not for the bettor. They are flashy and promise big returns but they are not easy to win. You can play some for fun on occasion but don’t make them your main source of NFL betting.

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