Parlay & Teaser NFL Betting Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting odds on parlays and teasers look so enticing to gamblers around the world.

The problem with wagering on parlay and teaser NFL odds on a regular basis is that the house edge is just too high. Parlays & teaser NFL betting odds can be beaten but it is not always easy.

NFL betting odds on parlays and teasers can work to your advantage if you are willing to do a few things. The mentality of most gamblers with NFL betting odds parlays and teasers is that they will throw together a bunch of different parlay cards, all with basically the same list of teams. Many gamblers will keep their college and pro parlays separate, and often have one or two dominant teams on the NFL betting odds parlays and teasers, which is the first big mistake. NFL betting odds parlays and teasers are no different than shopping for expensive items such as jewelry and cars. It pays off to shop around, to research and to exhaust all options. No matter how good an item looks, how do you know if it is really the best product at the best price unless you compare and shop at other stores? You don’t, which means that you are limiting yourself, your options, and the potential to find value and quality. The principal is no different in NFL betting odds parlays and teasers. For example, there are around 14 to 16 NFL odds each Sunday, compared to 45 or so in college football the day before. Now if you limit yourself to just pro football, you have on a 14-game football betting day 28 sides and 28 totals to choose from in NFL odds. And yet you ignored what college football offered, which was 90 sides and 90 totals that you could have looked over. So by limiting yourself to just NFL betting odds, you have significantly cut down on your ability to find value and quality, which is essential to have a shot at winning parlays and teasers.

Just imagine the possibilities if you have your top college football side and total paired up with the same from the NFL betting odds card. All of a sudden, you have a parlay and teaser versus NFL betting odds with real value and potential, compared to the masses with their guess work and limits. That is how you win versus the parlay and teaser NFL betting odds. You look at all the various possibilities versus the NFL odds.

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