Parlay Appeal versus NFL Betting Lines

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting lines give gamblers a lot of chances to bet parlays each week.

Are parlays a good bet versus NFL betting lines? What are the true NFL betting odds and why are parlays so appealing to gamblers?

NFL betting lines are the most popular type of sports betting line and that means NFL parlays are the most popular type of parlay. Are parlays a good bet though? Normally parlays are an enticing bet that favors the house. The true odds on parlays are not the NFL betting odds the gambler receives in return. For example, the true odds on a three-team parlay would be 7-1 but the payout is 6-1. It gets worse as you add more teams on a parlay versus NFL betting lines. On a 6 team parlay you should be getting odds of 63-1 but in reality most places offer about 40-1. That should tell you the more teams you add on a parlay versus NFL betting lines, the worse your odds are going to be in reality.

Also part of the parlay picture is the parlay card where the NFL betting odds never change. These cards offer worse NFL betting lines than off the board parlays and the only advantage to playing them would be where you get a big advantage on a line. The problem with parlay cards is that the house advantage is just too high to overcome on a regular basis versus NFL betting lines.

Parlays are appealing because they offer gamblers the chance to win a lot of money with very little risk versus NFL betting lines. It is always appealing to get paid at big NFL betting odds but the reality is that parlays are not easy to hit. How hard is it for you to pick one winner, let alone multiple winners versus NFL betting lines? That is what you have to do though with parlays versus NFL betting lines.

Parlays are appealing for gamblers because of the chance to win a lot for a little versus NFL betting lines. The reality though is that they are more advantageous to the sportsbook because of their high hold percentage.

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