Packers & Vikings Lead NFC North NFL Betting Win Totals

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The time to bet NFL futures is now and two teams from the NFC North are attracting a lot of NFL betting attention.

The Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers both have regular season win totals of 9.5.  You can make a football betting wager on the Packers going over or under that win total but the over is -150.

NFL betting odds on the Vikings win total is a little bit different. It is the same number at 9.5 but the over is just -120. Green Bay is a very slight favorite to win the NFC North this season so it makes sense that their odds are a little higher.  Keep in mind that both teams easily went over the total of 9.5 games last season. The Vikings were 12-4 and won the division while the Packers were second at 11-5.  The reason that the total on Minnesota and Green Bay is 9.5 rather than 10 or 10.5 is probably because the NFC North overall is expected to be better.  The Vikings are expecting Brett Favre to return at quarterback and if that happens then Minnesota could get some action on their win total and on their overall odds to win the NFC North and the Super Bowl.

The Chicago Bears were 7-9 last season and their win total in football betting futures is 7.5. The Bears are expected to be improved though and the over is getting action on this number at -155.  Chicago would just have to finish at .500 for the over to be a winner and early action is pointing that way.  The Bears have a new offensive coordinator in Mike Martz, a big name defensive addition in Julius Peppers and a lot of optimism.

The Detroit Lions won only two games last year but when you see their win total you will understand why the NFC North is expected to be stronger. Detroit’s win total is 5.5 and although the under is -160, many people believe that the Lions are going to be vastly improved in 2010.  The team made some nice off-season additions and they will be improved on both sides of the ball.  No longer are the Lions going to be considered an automatic win for opposing teams.

Win totals are a great way to be in action for the entire 2010 NFL season.  With only one wager you can be rooting for or against a team all year long.  The NFC North has some interesting numbers that should give gamblers something to think about.

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