Packers Outduel Patriots in Battle of Elite QBs

December 1, 2014 NFL Football

Patriots player catching ball and falling out of boundsOn Sunday, the 30th of November, in Week 13 NFL, the New England Patriots now 9-3 traveled to Wisconsin to play the Green Bay Packers now 9-3. The Packers won the showdown between elite QBs Aaron Rogers and Tom Brady with the 26-21 victory going to Green Bay.

The Pack also won the game statistically has they had 24-1st downs to Pats 20-1st downs, 70 total plays for the Pack while Pats had 54 total plays. The Pack gained 478 total yards to the Pats 320 total yards. GB had 348 passing and 130 rushing yards, while NE had 236 passing and 84 rushing yards in the game. Amazingly neither team suffered a turnover, while GB possessed the ball for some 37 minutes, while NE had 23 minutes with the ball in their possession.

The Packers defense in this game played its best when needed in the game and against one of the best QB’s Brady, in the NFL. Meanwhile the talented and diverse defense of the Patriots allowed the Packers QB to amass some 368 passing yards in the game.

Leading the offense for the Patriots were QB Brady, who completed some 22 of his 35 passes for 245 yards and 2 touchdowns, while being sacked once for a yard loss. RBs Blount & Bolden combined for 13 carries for 75 total yards, with Bolden scoring 1 TD, while Receivers Gronkowski & Edelman combined for 14 receptions for 146 yards and no touchdowns. The Patriots scored 14 points in the 2nd quarter, and then scored 7 points in the 4th for their point total for the game at 21, not enough for the win.

Offensive leaders for the victorious Packers were QB Rogers, completing 24 of his 38 passes for 368 yards, with 2 touchdowns while being sacked three times for total loss of 20 yards in the game. RB Lacy & QB Rodgers combined for 26 carries for 120 yards, while Receivers Adams & Cobb had 13 receptions for a combined 206 yards and no touchdowns. Green Bay scored 23 points in the first half, then only 3 points on a field goal in the 4th quarter bringing their total points in the game at 26, and now are 6-0 at home, while winning eight of their last nine games.

In this game which many think was a 2014 Super Bowl preview, Packers QB Rogers continued his streak to 360 straight passes at home with 31 TD passes consecutive at home and no interceptions, as his last home interception took place back in December of 2012.

In part Brady had a great game Sunday, and went without being sacked for almost 4 quarter, but he got sacked on a 3rd and 9 while on the Packers 20 yard line in the Red Zone with only 2:35 left in the game, and the Patriots never regained the ball in the game.

If you bet on NFL football at an online sportsbook, get ready as next week 15 of the NFL the Patriots now 9-3 on Sunday the 7th of Dec. 2014 play at the San Diego Chargers now 8-4 at 8:30 PM for the Sunday night NFL game. The Packers now 9-3 play next at home on Monday night, Dec.8th 2014 against the Atlanta Falcons now 5-7 with the game at 8:30 PM ET and of ESPN TV.

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