Overrated Teams in NFL Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting history tells us that at least five of the teams that made the playoffs last year won’t make it in 2010.

Which teams are likely to fall this season?  Which ones should you avoid when making an NFL bet?

NFL betting is going to favor almost all of the playoff teams from last year.  Many of them are going to fail.  It happens every single season.  The Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints are expected to be very good again in 2010 but history has shown that repeating success after a Super Bowl season is very difficult to do.  Could one of these teams fail to make the playoffs in 2010?  It doesn’t seem likely but it is definitely possible.

The San Diego Chargers finished 13-3 last season but there are warning signs that this team is ready to fall. The team will be without their best offensive tackle and best wide receiver to start the season. The AFC West is getting better and San Diego could be the team that surprises everyone with a major fall.

Three NFC teams are getting a lot of hype this season from those making an NFL bet. They are the Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers. The odds are that at least one of those teams turns into a disappointment. It might be the Minnesota Vikings based on their tough schedule and with the uncertainty regarding quarterback Brett Favre.

The other teams that had winning records last season were the Philadelphia Eagles, Arizona Cardinals, Cincinnati Bengals, New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets.  The Cardinals are already being downgraded due to the loss of quarterback Kurt Warner so if they don’t make the playoffs it would not be a surprise.  The New York Jets are everyone’s “hot” team heading into 2010 but they have a big concern with cornerback Darrelle Revis holding out.  The Baltimore Ravens are another popular pick for 2010 and they have defensive secondary concerns of their own with players out due to injury.  The Cincinnati Bengals picked up Terrell Owens and if he implodes the Bengals could fall while the Philadelphia Eagles have new starting quarterback in Kevin Kolb.  The Patriots still have Tom Brady so it is hard to see them missing the playoffs.

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