Overlooked NFL Betting Tips

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

There are countless NFL betting tips that you can look at but how many of them really help you win money?

Sometimes the simpler and easiest NFL betting tips are also the ones that will make you the most money.  They are also oftentimes the most overlooked football betting tips.  Let’s consider some of these NFL betting tips that you may not have heard of.

One of the easiest and yet often forgotten NFL football betting tips is to get the best possible number on your game.  That means you want to have multiple online sportsbook accounts to get the best possible NFL betting number on each game.  You also want to have access to NFL betting options that might include buying points, halftimes, propositions, etc.  It is very important to get the best possible NFL betting number and the most possible football betting options.

Another NFL betting tips that many people ignore is the one that involves laying points in the NFL.  The big tip in NFL betting we want to consider is to not lay points.  It just doesn’t work in the long run in NFL betting.  It gets even trickier when you are laying more than a TD in NFL betting.  The NFL is full of parity and that means that games are usually competitive. Don’t lay points in NFL games on a regular basis.  You may want to go so far as to never lay points in NFL betting.

If you want to win money at NFL betting then you need to be pick and choose your spots and be realistic in your football betting. Do you understand that you will not win every single week with your football betting? Look for three or four games every week that you feel strong about. Make those your top NFL betting picks for the week and leave it at that.

Another overlooked football betting tip is overreaction.  Many NFL betting players look at last week’s results and overreact. Do not do this in your football betting. Every week is a new game and you must treat it as such.  Rarely is a team as good as they looked last week and they are never as bad as they looked last week.

Another thing not to forget is the strength of schedule factor in NFL betting. Some teams have easy schedules and very often in football betting this overlooked. Every season you have teams that play a weak schedule and go on a nice winning streak because of the schedule. Other teams play tougher schedules and lose a few games in a row and people think they are no longer a good team.  Look at a team’s schedule before making assumptions

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