Overall NFL Betting Strategy

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Take these suggestions to your own NFL betting strategy. The more you can tweak and add to your own football betting the better success you are to have.

NFL betting strategies can be developed but a successful football betting strategy involves a lot of trial and error and it usually only comes through hard work. Let’s take a look at a few things we can incorporate into a successful NFL betting strategy.

NFL betting should begin with the basics. You first have to decide how many games to play in NFL betting and how much to bet on each game. You could put this into money management but without knowing a plan it is hard to develop a strategy. Your best bet is to play all your games for the same amount. It is not easy to do, it is not popular, but it works. If you have to deviate from that plan then only go double your normal amount, don’t go higher. As for the amount of your games, it is probably best to keep it small in the beginning with football betting. In college football that means anywhere from 3-6 plays and in the pros it means somewhere between 2-4 games.

The next step is how to handicap the games. This is the main portion of your NFL betting strategy. You want to look at matchups and the online NFL betting line. With the NFL betting line you want to find games that give you an edge. You can use power ratings or you can look for specific things that fit into a system. For example, you might find that taking all favorites playing at home in a certain division have been good bets. You might find that taking dogs on the road in another division do very well. These are two examples of looking at certain situations and then placing your bets based on that information in NFL betting.

You could just decide to look at the NFL betting line and only play games where your power ratings gives us a huge edge over the football betting line. In the NFL some handicappers will only bet games where they have a statistical advantage, whether that is in rushing yards, defensive stats, etc. These are fundamental matchups and some handicappers focus on that area exclusively. When you develop your own football betting strategy remember that nothing stays the same. You will have to make adjustments and the best way to learn is by doing it.

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