Over/Under Super Bowl Wagering at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl wagering includes the option of betting on the total or the over/under for the game.

The over/under is not as popular as the side in Super bowl odds but it is interesting and it does get some attention from gamblers.

Super Bowl wagering has seen the over/under go in streaks. The last four Super Bowls have all gone under the Super Bowl odds. Last year’s Super Bowl wagering total between the New York Giants and New England Patriots was the highest ever at 55 and the game went way under as the Giants won 17-14. Before those four straight unders in Super Bowl wagering, four of the last six Super Bowls had gone over.

In `Super Bowl wagering history there have been seven games with a total of more than 50 and the under is 4-3. What about the other side of the coin in Super Bowl wagering totals? How many games have had Super Bowl wagering totals lower than 40? Although some sites list totals for games before 1982 most of the real solid Super Bowl wagering statistics sites only go back to that year since totals were really not part of the Super Bowl odds before that year. Since 1982, there have been only four games which had totals less than 40 and all four games went over the Super Bowl odds. The last of those four was in 2001 as the Baltimore Ravens routed the New York Giants by a score of 34-7.

Sometimes when gamblers look at Super Bowl odds they forget about the total. The same thing happens during the regular season as well. Most gamblers only play the side when it comes to Super Bowl wagering. It seems that people don’t want to worry about points scored in Super Bowl wagering. If gamblers choose to play the total in Super Bowl wagering they almost always take the over so they can cheer for both teams to score.

As you look at Super Bowl odds this year don’t forget about the total. You can play it straight or you can parlay it with the side in Super Bowl wagering.

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