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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL odds are available on more than just pointspread sides.

Some gamblers will also bet totals and one of the best teams to follow in the NFL this season has been the Houston Texans.  Gamblers looking at NFL lines could have made a lot of money by betting Houston games over the total this season.

NFL odds numbers have seen the Texans go over the total in 9 of their first 11 games this season.  NFL odds makers have been slow to react to Houston going over the total each week as only in the last two weeks did Houston see their totals reach the 50 point mark on the NFL odds board. And when that did happen, the Texans went under against the Cleveland Browns.  So is the secret out on Houston games going over the NFL odds?

When you are betting NFL odds there is no question that when a secret gets out the party is over.  Houston was not thought of as a big over team in regards to NFL lines early in the season.  Early in the season they had totals in the low 40’s on the NFL odds board.  The Texans have had an offense that continues to put points on the NFL lines board no matter who is at quarterback.  Matt Schaub is the starter but Sage Rosenfels has gotten a lot of play since Schaub has been hurt.  What helps gamblers betting Houston over the total in NFL odds is that Rosenfels throws touchdowns and interceptions.  He is either great or terrible and his play usually leads to points one way or another in terms of NFL lines.  Overall, the Texans rank in the Top 5 on offense in the NFL according to NFL odds statistics.

Another factor that has influenced NFL odds on Houston is the defense of the Texans.  Last season the defense was tough but this year they are struggling.  The defense ranks in the bottom third of the NFL.  A top 5 offense and a bottom third defense have resulted in a lot of points being scored in Houston games.  Whether or not the NFL odds have been adjusted too much on Houston totals will be determined as the season wraps up.

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