Other Football Betting Choices

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting choices are more than just side and total.

There are many other options that gamblers sometimes forget about. Let’s look at some other NFL betting choices you should consider.

Football betting alternatives begin with the money line. This is where you are taking the pointspread out of the equation. You either risk more money on the favorite in football betting or get plus money on the underdog. Money lines get ignored by many gamblers but seem to become more popular in NFL betting during the playoffs and particularly the Super Bowl.

Another football betting option that many gamblers forget about is the half bet. The football betting option exists to bet only the first half of a game or only the second half. This football betting option is great for gamblers that think a team is going to come out and explode in the first half against their opposition or rally in the second half after a bad first half. The options for halftime football betting are usually the same as the full game options. You have the pointspread, over/under total, and in many cases a money line on either the first or the second half of a game. Keep in mind that when you are wagering on halves in football betting that the other half and the total score have nothing at do with your wager. Many professional gamblers love to wager on the halftime lines that are posted right after the first half ends as they often can get the team that they really wanted before the game at a reduced rate, or have seen something during the first half of play that made them think that they could get an advantage for the second half.

Another option in football betting is the futures bet. This special wager is where football betting gamblers can bet on which team will win the Super Bowl, NCAA Title, conference championship, as well as over/under totals for the amount of wins in the regular season. Future bets are a great way to get involved in NFL betting for the entire season.

Another football betting option is the proposition wager. This is a fun form of football betting in which you can bet on which player will score first in a game or have the most yards, etc. Prop wagers are the most popular in NFL betting, especially on marquee games like Monday Night Football and the Super Bowl.

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