Opposites in NFL Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

On one side of that NFL betting coin, you have the masses reacting. Then on the other side, the experts betting on NFL football according to their odds.

NFL betting always has two sides. You have winners and losers, favorites and underdogs plus sides and totals. Sometimes when you are betting on NFL football the action is a little bit one-sided. It is on those occasions that you may want to consider taking the other side in NFL betting.

NFL betting is profitable for sportsbooks. Keep in mind that sportsbooks are not in the business of taking NFL betting action because they are losing money to the masses. Just the opposite is the case. Think of all the times that a game was overloaded with betting action on one side of it and how many times this “sure thing” has lost over the years. There are countless stories of games that simply could only go one way, which ended up going just the opposite in NFL betting.

On one side of the NFL betting coin you have the masses that gamble on whims and feels, and literally on the fly. They will glance over the NFL betting lines on game day and simply react on gut instinct and with conventional wisdom, which is why they don’t succeed. On the opposite side of the NFL betting coin, however, are the few that will go with a set plan as far as their money management, and who have set criteria as to exactly what they are looking for. These gamblers can walk away from action if it doesn’t fit exactly what they want, and often do just that when betting on NFL football.

On one side of the NFL betting coin, you have the masses that just have to get down on every single feature TV game, regardless of value or merit. Often times, these gamblers will force the issue with parlay bets on both the side and total. On the other side of the NFL betting coin are the few gamblers that are value oriented, who will only be betting on NFL football if they are getting value.

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