Online NFL Betting Tips

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Online NFL betting is done by many people around the world each year. Everyone, or so it seems, is involved with NFL betting.

What would it take to set you apart from the majority of the public and win at online NFL betting?

NFL betting winners never make money by thinking like the masses and going with the crowd. So get it out of your mind. To the novice that just breaks into online NFL betting, it can be an intimidating feeling to bet money against what everyone around you is saying is correct. And yet the seasoned veteran will tell you that going against, rather than with the crowd, is a great way to start down the path of success at online NFL betting. Think of the countless times that the media has breathlessly proclaimed a team as the “can’t miss” champion or a team as dead and finished, only for the opposite result to end up coming about. The sooner that you learn that what you get from the media, sports service touts, and fellow online NFL football betting gamblers is as worthless as a coin flip the sooner you will begin being able to correctly ascertain board value.

No matter what you see or hear from the media, one of the most significant keys to online NFL betting comes in the form of the rushing statistics for each team, both offensive and defensive. Teams that can stop the run can demoralize opponents and control the tempo of the game.

The same thing holds true for a rush defense. A team that can stop the run is an excellent online NFL betting value as they will rarely be dominated by their opponents. No team that allowed a lot of yardage on the ground was ever a champion. Pro football success, both on the field and in online NFL betting sportsbooks, often comes down to who doesn’t beat themselves so also look at turnovers when you are involved in online NFL betting. Thinking for yourself, betting good rushing teams, betting teams that can stop the run and looking at turnovers are excellent NFL betting tips.

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