Online NFL Betting – San Diego Games Could be Blacked Out

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Online NFL betting won’t be affected but fans in southern California might have a hard time watching the San Diego Chargers at times this season.

With the slow economy, the Chargers are having a hard time selling out games. Football betting tells us that the Chargers might have to black out certain preseason and possibly regular season games if things don’t change.

Online NFL betting at the online sportsbook has the Chargers as one of the favorites in the AFC this season so it might be surprising that they can’t sell out. "I think we’re concerned about all eight regular-season games," chief operating officer Jim Steeg said, "None of those at this moment are close to being sold out."

Online NFL betting has the Chargers with about 7,000 tickets remaining for their preseason opener next week against the Seattle Seahawks.  They have far more tickets left for the final preseason online NFL betting matchup against San Francisco.  San Diego has not had an exhibition football betting game blacked out since 2006. Online NFL betting tells us that the team has not had to blackout a regular season game since 2004.

San Diego has a very talented team that has won three straight division titles as online NFL betting stats show.  They were in the AFC Championship game a couple of seasons ago as online NFL betting stats indicate.  This year they are considered a serious contender to win the Super Bowl as football betting odds at the online sportsbook indicate.  Sports betting info tells us that the Chargers have a lot of big name players like LaDainian Tomlinson, Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates and Shawne Merriman who can impact online NFL betting.

The online NFL betting question is whether or not the Chargers are just playing the fear game to get people to buy tickets.  Steeg says the economy is to blame. "I think we’re just not immune to it," Steeg said. "We’re sitting here in San Diego, with the U.S. economy, the California economy, the housing bubble, all that sort of stuff that we’ve got the eye of the storm here. That’s really what it comes down to."

Normally by this time the Chargers have games that are already sold out as online NFL betting tells us but not his season.  Online NFL betting schedule information has the Chargers hosting their normal division rivals, Kansas City, Denver and Oakland in addition to football betting matchups versus Baltimore, Miami, Philadelphia, Cincinnati and Washington.

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