NFL Betting Overview

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting are usually thought of by most gamblers as the traditional pointspread that is made for football games in which they lay points on the favorite or take points on the dog.

But there is far more to NFL betting than that and far more variety in football betting lines than just pointspreads.

The NFL betting to the gambling masses, are just numbers next to the names of teams that indicate how much that team will cost to wager on. But to the more sophisticated gamblers, the football betting lines are a language all to themselves, in which those who understand that language are able to best ascertain betting value. Keep in mind that with NFL betting there is that ten-percent “juice/vig” that a gambler must put up above and beyond what he is trying to win. That mans that if he wants to bet on a team for $500 he must wager $550. The “juice” is the sportsbook “fee” for booking the NFL betting and as long as there is roughly the same amount of dollars bet on both sides, the sportsbook is assured a profit.

Another form of NFL betting is over/unders, also known as totals. These NFL betting are set for gamblers who wish to wager on whether or not the combined score between two teams in a matchup will go over or under that number. The money line is another form of NFL betting that is highly popular with gamblers. With the money line, football betting gamblers lay on the favorite or take on the dog, with no pointspreads involved, which is the main attraction of the money line as all a gambler has to do is correctly select the straight up winner in a game. NFL betting are also made for what are known as “futures” in which gamblers can wager on a team’s chances to win their sport’s championship or on their total amount of wins for a season.

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