Online NFL Betting: How Important Was Last Week

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Online NFL betting is quite dynamic because teams experience so many ups and downs throughout the pro football betting season.

Online NFL betting veterans know that the NFL is full of surprises and one must monitor how teams evolve throughout the season. In doing so, many online NFL betting enthusiasts pay a great deal of attention to the previous week’s match ups when handicapping the pro football betting odds, and this strategy can be both beneficial at times and harmful at others.

Online NFL betting fans who focus on the previous week’s results as they handicap the current online NFL betting board are simply acknowledging that one cannot assume that things will remain static in the NFL. Teams may appear to offer excellent online NFL betting value early in the season only to completely fall apart as the playoffs approach, while other teams only hit their stride after Thanksgiving. Any handicapper evaluating the online NFL betting odds in November while focusing on results from September will likely find himself making numerous irrational decisions. Effective online NFL betting strategies all involve maintaining flexible attitudes that accept the changes that occur during the pro football betting season. Furthermore, the previous week’s results are obviously the most relevant to consider when examining a pro football betting board.

However, even though much can change during the NFL season, one also must be considerate of certain trends. A team that has played well in five consecutive online NFL betting match ups and then poorly in the sixth should be considered a very good team, despite problems in the most recent game. Teams have both bad days and good days, so handicappers should not let just one game greatly influence their handicapping of the online NFL betting odds. In fact, it is normal to see a team that is blown out one week come back and perform tremendously in the next week. If teams played the same every week then handicapping the online NFL betting lines would be extremely simple. Nevertheless, online NFL betting is much more complicated than that so one must consider a range of important pro football betting factors. If a team played surprisingly well or poorly in the previous week then you should look at the factors that may have influenced such play. Rather than assuming the team will perform the same way again in the following week, it will be more useful to consider when the team will face similar conditions again. Such factors will likely provide more accurate indicators of future performance against the online NFL betting odds, as opposed to a simple assumption that a team will play as it had in the past week.

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