Online NFL Betting on the International Games

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Online NFL betting fans experienced a first during the 2007-08 season when they were given an opportunity to place NFL bets on a Giants-Dolphins game played in London.

International matches have since become a fixture in the league and many online NFL betting experts believe it is only a matter of time before such matches become more numerous in the online NFL betting schedule. For gamblers looking to place NFL bets on these international games, there are several unique factors that must be considered.

Online NFL betting on an international match up is different from any other online NFL betting match up besides the Super Bowl in that neither team is playing in its home stadium. In most online NFL betting match ups home field advantage is extremely significant and it greatly impacts how gamblers place their NFL bets. In an international online NFL betting match up one team is designated as the “home team”, but that designation is completely irrelevant because the team does not enjoy the normal home field advantages that impact how gamblers make their NFL bets. Therefore, when handicapping such online NFL betting match ups you should actually consider how good the participating teams are when playing on the road. A game in a neutral, foreign stadium is much like a road game in many ways, so one can anticipate that good road teams will have an advantage in such online NFL betting match ups. However, if you are considering online NFL betting on futures, then you should definitely recognize that the “home team” in the international match up is losing one of its traditional home games, which is certainly a disadvantage when considering a team’s potential throughout the entire season.

Similarly, you should learn some of the basic features about the stadium that is hosting the online NFL betting match up to see how it compares to the fields that teams are accustomed to playing on. For example, Wembley Field in London is a grass field, so this surface provides an advantage to teams that prefer playing on grass. However, in the future we may see online NFL betting match ups being played internationally on turf fields, which would provide the opposite advantage. Also, when handicapping the online NFL betting spreads for such match ups you should consider the weather. London is a very rainy city, and the Giants-Dolphins online NFL betting match up was played in a massive deluge. Consequently, teams that are successful on wet fields may be best equipped to handle games played in London, although such circumstances would naturally vary depending on the location.

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