Online Football Betting and Weather Reports

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Online football betting analysts all agree that the weather is an important factor to consider when you are football betting online.

Different weather conditions can both help and hurt different teams, sometimes enough to determine the outcome of an online football betting match up. However, the weather is also relatively difficult to predict, so the online football betting question remains as to how long before an online football betting contest you should check the weather report.

Online football betting fans will frequently wait until game day to place their wagers. Consequently, there is little reason to worry about the weather conditions until game day. If a gambler is positive that he will not be football betting online until right before the game then he has the opportunity to check the weather shortly before the game kicks off, meaning the weather prediction will likely be fairly accurate. In fact, the greater accuracy one has in predicting the weather on game day is one of the primary reasons why so many online football betting enthusiasts wait until game day to place their wagers. These fans of football betting online are willing to sacrifice the opportunity wager on the early online football betting odds in order to know what weather conditions will be impacting the game.

However, other online football betting enthusiasts choose to wager much earlier in the week and simply hope that the early weather predictions are correct. This strategy for football betting online obviously involves trusting weather predictions that are notoriously fickle. Everyone knows that Sunday’s weather prediction may change several times between Monday and Sunday. Nevertheless, gamblers must simply acknowledge this uncertainty when handicapping the online football betting spreads. A gambler should consider the supposed probabilities of different weather conditions and how drastically such conditions could impact a game. For instance, imagine the early weather predictions are forecasting a 25% chance of snow for an online football betting match up in which a snowy field would give one team a huge advantage against the online football betting spreads. In this situation it may be worthwhile to wager on the team hoping for snow, even though it is only a 25% chance, simply because the impact of the snow would be so great. If the snow does actually fall then you know that you have placed an excellent wager on the online football betting odds. If the snow never arrives then your wager still may be decent, or, if not, then you always have the option of buying back your wager by betting on the other team for a very small loss.

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